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GREAT tats! Where did ya get em??

Hello love, Thank you, I appreciate that – I can’t say I have a strict routine, but I’m typically a healthy eater, I stretch, do push-ups and crunches daily, do yoga (I plan to start going more starting the beginning of the year) and I try to walk as much as I can. I’d also have to give a lot of credit to my slender parents for the skinny genes.

Well I Really Like My Best Guy Friend But I Like Him More Than A Friend. Our Realationship Is Normal But Different He Call’s Me His Little Sister I Call Him My Big BrotheR But When He Says That I Feel Stuck In “The Friend Zone” And He Has A Girlfriend . What Should I Do? Please Help Me!!!?

What will happen if I sleep with my best friend’s girl? Neither of us would ever tell him. We have sooooo much chemistry and talk all the time. I know it’s eff’ed up but I also know she and I are meant to be together. She’s choosin’ me! He doesn’t even really like her and treats her bad. Maybe I should tell my friend how I feel about his girl? I’m kinda confused for realzzzz!!!

I am a musician but am shy. Very Shy!! I get extremely nervous in front of anybody even my little sister! I have an opportunity to be in a band as the lead guitar player. How do I overcome stage fright? Will I ever be able to perform in front of a crowd?

I’m failing out of my second year of college…I hate school! But my parents will kill me if I don’t go back…What am I supposed to do now?